Zanzibar Update 1

Our bungalow has been refurbished; we even had our first visitors already! <3

We have purchased a suitably big car, so we can help with transport of the children to appoinments and meetings and for whatever needed.

The bungalow next door will be ready soon and we are looking forward to have some volunteers to join us in our endeavours!

We did some visits to children with Cerebral Palsy in their respective homes and evaluated their current needs.

We organized our first group meeting in the main house of Zala Park, for which the floor has been especially redone (so we can use it in the future for similar purposes). At this occasion we discovered to the gathered families our plan – to support them individually and collectively, to help them care for their children with the aim being the children’s physical action and best possible independence (which includes topics of exercise, nutrition, toilet, hygiene…). From now on, every week a group meeting shall take place throughout the southern area of Zanzibar.

The website of ODPSOZA (Organisation for Disabled People South Zanzibar) is on track to be launched, in order to inform as well as generate donations for the valuable upcoming work and basic needs.

The revival of the project is still dependent on your esteemed financial support, for which we are utmost grateful. Please keep supporting us via

Help Our Zala Park Zanzibar Home

or directly to my account (less charges!):

Biljana Djurdjevic

AT27 2011 1840 3573 8800


We will keep you up to date and are looking forward to meet some of you here, soon! Thank you so far for your understading and generous support! Asante sana!



In order to keep sanity, hold the space, keep life meaningful, beautiful, light, easy and worth living (worth) we are moving and supporting a project on Zanzibar.

Every euro helps! So, we are utmost grateful for your monetary donations via

Help Our Zala Park Zanzibar Home

or directly to my account:

Biljana Djurdjevic

AT27 2011 1840 3573 8800


We will keep you updated and send our love!

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